The Paarl Equity team has been operating successfully in the midsize business market for more than ten years. Thanks to our extensive expertise, our operative experience and our network, we’ve developed a keen instinct for choosing the right investments.

We’ve got the expertise and the right instinct.

Executive director

Dietrich Kube


executive director


Dietrich Kube Following a traineeship in London and employment with Chase Manhattan Bank and Société Générale SA in Paris and Germany (head of corporate finance), Dietrich Kube has been investing in midsize businesses since the early 1990s. He founded Paarl Equity in 2005.

He also serves as an adviser to and investor in midsize enterprises.

We believe in the 10,000-hour rule. To be successful, you’ve got to delve deep into every project.

Investment advisory board


Fabian Winopal


Investment principal


Fabian Winopal studied in Frankfurt, Vina del Mar (Chile) and at the University of California in Santa Barbara. He earned his Master of Mergers and Acquisitions (Master of Laws) degree at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

Having held positions with Allianz Global Investors, media venture capital funds in Shanghai and the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, he has been supporting the Paarl Equity team since 2007.



Hans E. Damisch

Member of the investment committee


Hans E. Damisch is a successful and very experienced expert in the area of equity investments.

Among other positions, he was executive spokesman for the BDW-Beteiligungsgesellschaft für die Deutsche Wirtschaft mbH for many years and executive director of Viscom AG.

Thanks to his high competence, he serves on several supervisory boards.




Dr. Bernhard Walther

Member of the investment committee


Dr. Bernhard Walther very successfully advises numerous family offices on investment matters.

He has gathered comprehensive expertise as managing director of the Deutscher Investment Trust (DIT), member of the board of directors of UBS Deutschland, founder of arago and chairman of its supervisory board.





We don’t have a crystal ball, but what we do have is a large network of experts, decision-makers, investors and corporate finance consultants. Plus more than fifteen years of intensive dialogue and experience to draw on.


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Executive director

Investment advisory board