Dietrich Kube

Managing Director

Dietrich Kube began his career as a trainee with Chase Manhattan Bank in London. After several different positions with Chase, he left for Paris and Germany, as Head of Corporate Finance for Société Generale SA. Since the early 90’s, he invests in small-, and medium-sized enterprises. He founded Paarl Equity in 2005. Additionally, Dietrich is a board member in several small-, and medium-sized enterprises.

Fabian Winopal

Investment Principal

After completing a Master in M&A at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Fabian held positions at Allianz Global Investors, Media Venture Capital Fonds (Shanghai) and Deutsche Bank. Since 2007, Fabian is part of the Paarl Equity team. In 2017, he also founded TATCRAFT, a makerspace that allows interested individuals or small enterprises to produce their hardware with TATCRAFT.

Hans E. Damisch

Member of the investment committee

Hans E. Damisch is a successful and experienced expert in the field of equity investments. Among other things, he was the spokesperson of the board of BDW-Beteiligungsgesellschaft für die deutsche Wirtschaft mbH and CEO of Viscom AG. He also serves as board member of several companies and has been advising Paarl since 2006.

Dr. Bernhard Walther

Member of the investment committee

Dr. Bernhard Walther is successfully advising multiple family offices in their investment decisions. He built his profound expertise as CEO of the German Investment Trust (DTI), as member of the board of UBS and as founder and chairman of the board of arago. He began advising Paarl Equity in 2006.

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