We are convinced that
1 + 1 = 3

We identify unrecognized potential in our investments and, with our “hands-on” mentality, help to realize this potential. We do not shy away from thinking outside the box to ensure sustainable growth.

Every investment needs
a sound rationale

We put our potential investments through the paces. If we are convinced by a business, we take the time to find the right form of investment, together with the current management. Both our investments and our investors profit from this thoroughness.

We have the expertise
and the right instincts

For the success of our investments, we partner with all knowledgeable individuals. It is the people, that make a business valuable and who we treat with respect and care. We seek to enhance existing competencies, not run them down.

Close cooperation with
all partners is essential

Cooperation with sellers and buyers as well as with investors requires experience and tact. We involve our investors in club deals early on and our partners can rely on our retention. For over 15 years, this has been part of our success story.

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